I need help

I need help. Or We need help.

This question can have several responses. First, what kind of help do you need? Depending on where you are located. Are you in a shopping mall? Are you at a bus stop? Are you at the airport? Or there could be multiple other locations or situations.

I need help needs a specific topic.

I need help with directions. I need help finding the gate at the airport. I need help locating a store in the mall.

They need help. This also needs a topic to be more specific. Why do they need help? Do they need a taxi? Do they need a bus? What do they need? You must decide what kind of help they need.

Can you help me? Needs a topic.

Can you help me with a rental car? Can you help me with my reservation? Can you help me my English is not very good?

Can you give me help? Again, this needs a topic.

Apparently, there was an emergency because there was an ambulance with their siren on heading to the hospital.

I can ask/request/beg for help.

A bug bite can make the skin swell/bulge/protrude on the skin.

We elevated the situation to code red.

We went to the police station to make a report of the incident.

At the fire station there were several fire trucks.

In America there are a many people who beg in the streets some with signs some without signs. Some of these people can be very aggressive. It is best you do not give these people any money. Even though you may want to help. There are agencies like the salvation army and church organization who can better distribute food and clothing to these people.


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