Today the weather is warm, cold, hot.

We are expecting cool/hot/warm weather tomorrow.

Weather conditions for tomorrow are hot and humid.

We live in in an arid climate.

We live in a humid climate.

We have four seasons where we live spring, summer, fall, and winter.

The weather man says there will be thunder showers today/tonight/this afternoon, followed by heavy rain.

The weather conditions are perfect for a lightning and thunder storm.

In Wyoming winter weather is very cold.

You need to pack enough warm clothes when you visit Montana in the winter.

When you go to the beach you should have a sufficient amount of sunscreen to protect your body.

The wind was blowing fiercely.

It was a windy/sunny/partly cloudy/ day.

This week there was a tornado in the mid-west.

The hurricane hit the east coast.


Today, weather, cold, hot, warm, expecting, cool, tomorrow, conditions, humid, arid, climate, four, seasons, spring, summer, fall, winter, thunder, showers, today, tonight, afternoon, followed, heavy, rain, perfect, lightning, thunder, storm, Wyoming, pack, enough, clothes, Montana, beach, sufficient, amount, sunscreen, protect, body, wind, blowing, fiercely, windy, sunny, partly cloudy, day, tornado, mid-west, hurricane, coast


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