Words House

Words related to home or house

Turn the door knob to open the door.

Put the key into the door lock.

There is a sliding door.

Can you open/close the window

Your floor is clean.

Did you see the dirty/messy/unclean floor?

In the kitchen there is a table.

The dining room table has a great chair.

The stove and oven are in the kitchen next to the cabinet.

There is a refrigerator next to the cabinet.

The table setting includes fork, knife, spoon, plate, cup, bowl, plate, and a glass.

We used a measuring cup to make breakfast/lunch/dinner with the pot and pan.

In the bedroom is our bed where we sleep under the blanket, sheet with our pillow.

In the bedroom is a dresser to keep our folded clothes.

On the dresser is a lamp with a light switch.

Our ceiling has a fan.

Above the bed is a sky light

Next to the bed room is a bathroom where there is a tub with a shower, a toilet, and a sink.

In the bathroom I can take a shower or have a bath.

The towel in the bathroom are made of cotton or terry cloth.

You can wash and dry yourself with a terry cloth towel.

I have an appointment at this building shall we take the stairs or the elevator.

We will wait in the lobby and sit on the sofa and listen to the music.

I need to make a telephone call; do you have a cell phone or mobile phone I can use?

Did you see the football game on the television?


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