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Are you single?

Are you dating anyone?

Are you in a relationship?

Do you have a spouse?

Are you married?

Would like to go out on a date?

Are you famous/well-known?

Can you tell me the name of that girl, boy, man, woman?

Do you have a partner?

I like to ask you to go out with me?

Do you want to go to the movie?

You have a beautiful smile.

She is very cute.

He is attractive or handsome.

Beauty is only skin deep.

She is pretty.

He/she has a sexy body.

She has a baby face (young girls face).

She has a doll face.

You are my sweetheart/darling/honey/beloved.

I love you.

We had a romantic kiss.

We/they are in love.

I am in Love!

He/she is very charming.

She/he is flattering me.

She is engaged to him.

They will get married.

He gave her a ring/necklace/bracelet/earring.

She/he has a lover.

He/she having an affair.

They were just in lust.

It was an erotic relationship.

Where is the massage parlor?

We accidentally/unexpectedly ran into our friends.

He was sarcastic when he spoke.

She spoke sarcastically about her.

Can you translate/interpret/decode this message?

We usually/normally go out on Friday night.

Is it really true?

Do you seriously believe that?

I forbid/prohibit you to do that.

He/she is stressed out over the incident.

He/she is very anxious and tense.

He was foolish marring a woman so young.


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