Eat or Drink

Going out to eat or drink

What kind of food to you like to eat?

Can you recommend a restaurant to eat Japanese food?

We would like some assistance ordering from the menu.

Is a quiche (type of egg dish) very filling?

How are the hamburgers?

What would you like to drink?

What beverage would you like to drink?

Do you drink soda/coffee/tea?

Do you drink alcohol/liquor, beer, whisky etc.?

Can I have a menu?

In the morning we will eat breakfast.

We ate breakfast this morning?

Tomorrow we will have lunch and then diner.

Do you have any allergies to food?

Yes, I am allergic to milk.

I get an allergic reaction to cigarette smoke.

I like to eat fish/chicken etc.…

Do you like stir fried food?

We boil are eggs.

I like steamed rice

I like savory food.

I enjoy a good salad.

I am a vegetarian.

The food is tasty, delicious (only used when referring to food or drink)

We will eat a snack later.

I consumed a large amount of food.

I am to full to eat.

Is this home-made food?

Could you make me some food?

There was a little bit of food left.

Are you hungry yet!

Pass the bread to me.

Sprinkle the spices gentle on the food.

Pour the sauce over the desert.

Hold the bag so we can fill it with candy.

I’m thirsty!

Sesame seed were on the bread.


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