This is my family in America

In my family I have grandparents; grandmother and grandfather on my mothers’ side and grandmother and grandfather on my fathers’ side.

Our grandparents have many grandchildren and they have two great grandchildren.

Then there is my mother and father a sister and a brother.

My brother has a son and daughter these are my niece and nephew.

My father has two brothers these are my uncles.  My mother has three sisters these are my aunts.

Each of my uncles have a son and daughter these are my cousins.

Each of our aunts have a son and a daughter and these are my cousins.

Mothers can have nicknames, mom, mommy, ma

Fathers can have nicknames father, daddy, dad, pop

They are married as husband and wife with a son and daughter.

I have friends and their parents have remarried, they have one son, a stepson, a stepdaughter and soon his mom will have twins.

Today people can be married to the person they love regardless of gender, sex, or age.

Are you an only child?

Are you the guardian of that child?

There is a group of children here today.

Family  Note: the words ending is as is the plural in parenthesis below was require to write the above sentences.

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