Where is Something

Where is something; house, hotel, bathroom, restaurant, car, taxi, bus, etc…

Where is the bathroom?


The bathroom is down the hall on the right or left.

Go straight then make a left then it will be on your right.

The bathroom is down the hall on the right or left.

The bathroom is straight ahead.

Where is the Hilton hotel?


Do you have a car? Yes or No — Then you will get directions. Yes, you can use Google maps as a solution to arrive at the location chosen.  Note: if this is the first time driving in a new city you should review the directions.


No, I am taking a taxi or Uber or Lyft.  Next your driver could ask.  What city is the Hilton located?  Some hotels have multiple chains in nearby cities. You will need to know the city the hotel is located.

How far is the Biltmore hotel? This require an answer of distance in the United States this is in miles.  Every where else in the world it is in in kilometers.

Which hotel are you staying at? Answer: I am staying at the Hilton Hotel.

We, they, are staying at the (name) hotel.  We, they, offer options we; is usually two people or could be a family. They, is another person or group will stay at the hotel.

He, she, is staying at the (name) hotel.  He or she is a single person who go to the hotel, or restaurant, or house.

We, he, she, they want to check into the hotel. We will check into the hotel. He or she will check into the hotel. They will check into the hotel.

Is this the hotel lobby? Response is usually yes or no.

Where is the hotel lobby? Where is the restaurant? Where is there house?

Will someone give me directions?

We estimate the distant to be over 100 miles.


Car, yes, no, then, get, directions, Google, maps, as, solution, to, arrive, location, chosen, note, first, time, driving, new, city, should, review, taking, taxi, Uber, Lyft, next, driver, could, ask, what, city, located, hotels, multiple, chains, nearby, cities, know, city, hotel,  located, far, require, answer, United States, miles, every, where, else, world, kilometers, which, staying, offer, options, usually, two, people, family, another, group, single, restaurant, house, check, lobby, response, distant


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