Helping Verbs

Sometimes verbs receive help from other verbs. Helping verbs helps the main verbs to express degrees of time and moodWill, might, can, and need are helping verbs. In the sentence, “I need to go now,” need is the helping verb and adds strength to the verb, go.  If a helping verb is next to an –‘ing verb, you have a helping verb.

Below are the helping verbs. You can conjugate be, do, and have. Helping verbs can be used with another verb to express a mood:  can, could, may, might, must, shall, should, willand would.

        He could help his mom if he wanted to.

        I might go to the beach.

        You should speak politely.

        They will be home soon.

        He is working on his paper. (is helps working)

  am are be
  been being can
  could did do
  does had has
  have is may
  might must need
  shall should was
  will would were



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