Opinions are subjective; as it is the opinion of this author he is a great writer.

We went to the theater last night and watched a wonderful play. Pure opinion we did not see the play and we do not know the subject of the play.

Can you please tell me the name of the play?  Seeking an opinion.

Were there reviews of the performance in the newspaper? Seeking an opinion.

We went to see Harry Potter the movie and we enjoyed the fantasy.  This is an opinion however, offers a fact that the movie is fantasy.

The doctor placed a cast on my broken arm. Opinion of fact.

There movie is a documentary on a person’s life.  Opinion of fact.

The flight attendant states ‘prior to take off you must fasten your seat belt’ because it is a matter of safety regulations.  Statement of fact not an opinion.

They were stupid for robbing the bank.

I want to make a complaint to the management.


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