Buying goods

Where the word shirt is being use you can replace this with pants, blouse, jacket, shoes etc.

Today I went to the store to buy shirts. How many shirts did you buy?

Were the shirts you purchased expensive?

The value of these shirts is great.

How much did those shirts cost?

The price exceeds what I can afford.

Do you think the price was expensive?

Was the price to expensive?

I thought the cost of these shirts were high-priced.

Correct/yes that item is inexpensive.

That product is very cheap.

These shirts are too expensive.

That was a very low price.

I want to buy a car today.

Will you go with me to buy a dress?

Their clothes are great looking.

Please wear your clothes for a long time.

Where are you putting your clothes?

We just bought our daughter a new tricycle.

Do you really want to do go shopping?

Wearing clothing or clothes is fun to do.

She wore a blouse with buttons, skirt, stockings, high heel shoes, and a red hat.

She wore a strapless dress with sandals.

He wore a short sleeve shirt, with blue jeans that had a zipper and a black belt that went through the belt loops.

Some men wear suits with long sleeves with pants or trousers and shoes with shoe laces.

Some people wear socks with their boots.

Women also wear bathing suits to the beach some wear bikini’s.

Women’s underwear can include; bra, panties, thong, slip and sometimes panty hose or stockings.

Men’s underwear can include; t-shirt, brief or boxers and socks.

Some people wear a watch, hat and carry an umbrella.

Those are my earrings.

Please stuff these clothes into your bag.


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